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Hi! My name is Mosh Hamedani. My life’s mission is to help novice and professional software engineers increase their skills, make more money and ultimately change their lives for the better.


Voted 2020 Top Programming Guru by Hacker Noon

Why Code With Mosh?

Clear, Concise, Comprehensive, and Practical with No Fluff!

Boost Your Career Options

Boost Your Career Options

Clear, engaging courses, focussed on developing your practical skills to supercharge your career

Master a Top Coder Mindset

Master a Top Coder Mindset

Learn from a true expert as Mosh only teaches industry best practices from his 20 years of experience

Fast-track Your Learning

Fast-track Your Learning

Clear and concise training with zero fluff. Don’t waste any more time on long, repetitive & boring courses.

Practice Makes Perfect

Prepare for Jobs

We carefully design real-world examples & exercises that will truly prepare you for jobs and technical interviews.

World-class Quality Videos

World-Class Quality Videos

We’re full-on obsessive about the quality of our videos to create the best possible learning experience for you across ALL devices.

Learn both Theory and Practice

Learn both Theory & Practice

Seasoned pro or just starting out - you’ll benefit from learning both the hows AND whys behind coding.

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"I recently purchased the all-access subscription and I could not be more satisfied! Your courses are the first I've found on the Internet that not only have really valuable content, but actually gets straight to the point, focusing on what really matters to be a good programmer. In a sea of misleading information, your content was the best way to focus on the essentials of what I really needed to learn. In only a few days, I can say I've improved my skills in Java, Design Patterns and Data Structures in an organized and confident way. Keep up the awesome work!"

- Dejamir Gianelli