My name is Mosh Hamedani.

My life’s mission is to help novice and professional software engineers increase their skills, make more money, and ultimately change their lives for the better.

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Hi! I'm Mosh and I love to teach you coding!

Learn to confidently build web and mobile apps!

Renee Mason @ReneeMa45009996
You helped me get my Angular developer job. Thanks Mosh!! Your classes are easy to understand technically, but I also needed your words "you can do this" encouragement. It helped me be patient and focus.
Paulo Rodriguez @PaulRodriguezPR
I got my first ever job as a full-stack dev after completing your ASP.NET MVC course. Now, I'm starting my own company using React and .NET Core.
Facu Rodríguez @Facu_r6
One of the first courses I did online was your ASP .NET MVC 5 course and I was surprised when a few months later I started working in a software factory and everything I had learned in the course was used in real world applications
Shan Shah @PRO_S_01
Amazing JS course, for beginners as well as professionals. @moshhamedani explained in-depth concepts of each module of ES6 with best practices.
Ashraful Islam @Ashrafu04245045
Just finished the 12 hours long React Course of @moshhamedani . This guy just covered the every little possible thing in his course regarding react and thinking like a better software developer. Thanks once again mosh. You are truly an inspiration.
Yosa Yon @YosaYon
Happily sacrificing my Sunday to #codewithmosh. The #nodejs course created by @moshhamedani is the best #node course I've taken thus far! Super excited to see what world of frameworks this will open up for me! #Meteor? #Express? Let's go!

Clear, Concise, Comprehensive, and Practical with No Fluff!

Step-by-step Lessons

Simple and Beginner friendly

Time and time again, Mosh's students praise his ability to break down complex topics into simple, digestible lessons that anyone can understand.

Fast-track Your Learning

Clear and Concise Lessons

Don't waste any more time on long, repetitive, and poorly-structured courses. Mosh's lessons are concise, right to the point, and free of rambling and unnecessary buzzwords. Everything explained in plain English.

Videos Made with Love

A Passionate Teacher

Just watch any of Mosh's videos and you can hear his passion for coding and teaching. His calm, friendly, and approachable voice is one of the reasons millions of people watch his YouTube videos.

Master a Top Coder Mindset

Learn from a True Expert

Benefit from Mosh's two decades of experience in the industry. Not only does he explain the whats, whys, and hows, he also shares tons of tips and tricks that help you code faster and with more confidence. Something that would take you years to learn on the job.

World-class Quality Videos

Fun and Engaging Lessons

Mosh is a perfectionist and is fully obsessed with the quality of his videos. Beautiful graphics, slides, and animations help you stay focused, remember, and better understand the materials.

Boost Your Career Options

Prepare for Jobs and Interviews

Mosh's perfectly organized, in-depth, and comprehensive courses are packed with real-world examples and exercises that prepare you for the job.


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