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I'm Mosh Hamedani.

Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed in your coding journey? Don't worry, I've got your back! Together, we'll work to level up your skills, increase your earning potential, and build a brighter future.


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Why Code with Mosh?

Fast-track your learning

No fluff, just the good stuff!

I don't want to waste your time with boring stuff you don't need. So I've made sure my courses are clear, concise, to the point, and free of technical jargon. No rambling or repetition, just the essentials you need to succeed, explained in plain English.

No fluff
Step-by-step lessons

Easy-to-follow lessons

I know learning to code can be tough. So I've carefully organized my courses into simple, bite-sized pieces to help you progress smoothly, one step at a time. I'll guide you through each step of the way so you won't feel overwhelmed.

No fluff
Perfect mix of theory and practice

Hands-on learning

I believe the best way to learn is by actually doing. That's why my courses teach you the essential theory and provide practical exercises. You'll be able to practice everything you learn and apply it to real-life situations.

No fluff
Get ready for the job

Real-world projects

My courses are designed to prepare you for real-world jobs and interviews. With in-depth, comprehensive courses packed with real-world examples and exercises, you'll be ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.

No fluff
From beginner to pro

Courses for everyone

Whether you're looking to learn a new language or just brushing up on your skills, I've got you covered. I offer a wide variety of courses so you can pick and choose what's most relevant to you. Plus, I make sure my courses are fun and engaging so you won't get bored.

No fluff
Fun and engaging videos

Trusted by millions

I've taught millions of people how to code and become professional software engineers through my YouTube channel and online courses. I'm humbled and thrilled to be a part of their programming journeys! When you join us, you're joining a group of like-minded people who are all working towards the same goal.

No fluff

Top-selling Courses

Level Up Your Coding Skills

Whether you're looking to switch to a career in tech or to advance in your current role, my courses give you the knowledge and experience you need to succeed.

All-Access Subscription

Become the best coder you can be with unlimited access to all the existing and future courses


Complete Python Mastery

Everything you need to program in Python in one course (includes 3 real-world projects)


Complete SQL Mastery

Everything you need to design and query databases in one course


React 18 for Beginners

A step-by-step guide to building web apps with React 18+ and TypeScript


The Ultimate Next.js Series

Everything you need to build full-stack applications with Next.js 13+ (App Router) and TypeScript


The Ultimate C++ Series

Master Modern C++: Go from Novice to Professional. Everything you need to code in C++ in one bundle!


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What my students say

4.7out of 5 based on 3661 reviews

I started learning programming w/ Mosh 4 years ago with his C# courses. Thanks to those I landed my first job. Then, I continued to learn from his materials and made the jump from junior to senior Software Engineer (my salary went 10x from my first job). Now, 4 years later I continue to learn with his excellent courses.

Federico Figueredo
Federico Figueredo

I had an interest in React whilst I was in a previous job not using it at all, so I did the free YouTube version of your first React course and found it very useful! I then paid for the full thing, and I now have a job working with React, thanks Mosh!


I am proud to say that I have learned a lot from your web development courses, which has helped me to earn a significant income. I would love to continue learning from you. You are a great man. Lots of love from your Afghan student.

Barialai Nawabi
Barialai Nawabi

Mosh I did your React Native course when I started my job and it was extremely helpful to me. And I do feel it helped me be successful in my new position and gave me a good foundation to grow from

Shawna Staff
Shawna Staff

Thank you mosh, your JavaScript and React course helped me build my skills in writing clean code, and I now teach and mentor others, I even named my coaching Code with Desmond same as yours, code with mosh. I've earned lots of income from projects and one on one coaching.


React, React Native, C#, Node.js, Python. I got all these skills from you, and I can't be thankful enough. Now, I'm a mentor and have landed a very good paying job. Thank you, Sir.

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