Entity Framework 6 in Depth

Connect your applications to a SQL Server database

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Course Overview

  • Beginner to Pro
  • 7 hours of HD video
  • 80 lessons
  • Downloadable content
  • Hands-on exercises
  • English captions
  • Certificate of completion
  • Lifetime access
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Clear. Concise. Comprehensive.

Tired of piecing together disconnected tutorials or dealing with rambling, confusing instructors? This course is for you! It's perfectly structured into a series of bite-sized, easy-to-follow videos that cover both theory and practice.

Highly practical

What You'll Learn

  • Understand the differences between code-first and database-first workflows
  • Build a domain model using database-first workflow
  • Build a domain model using code-first workflow (with a new or an existing database)
  • Use code-first migrations to upgrade or downgrade your database
  • Override code-first conventions (using data annotations and fluent API)
  • Query data using LINQ (using query syntax and extension methods)
  • Use eager loading, lazy loading and explicit loading effectively
  • Add, update and remove objects
  • Use additional tools to profile and troubleshoot your applications
  • Understand what the repository pattern is, why and when to use it and how
  • Apply best practices with Entity Framework
A perfectly structured course

Course Content

7 Hours . 9 Sections . 80 Lessons


  • About this Course1m 00s
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  • Learning Paths

Getting Started(27m)

    Building a Model Using Data-base First Workflow(53m)

      Building a Model Using Code-first Workflow(1h)

        Overriding Code-First Conventions(1h)

          Querying Data(1h)

            Loading Related Objects(27m)

              Changing Data(33m)

                Using Entity Framework in Your Applications(46m)

                  Target student

                  Who Is This For?

                  • Developers who want to master Entity Framework 6 for database programming in .NET applications
                  • Programmers looking to improve their understanding of the Entity Framework architecture and features
                  • Anyone interested in building robust and scalable database-driven applications using .NET technologies
                  • Anyone who wants to learn the best practices and advanced techniques for working with Entity Framework
                  • Anyone interested in pursuing a career in software development or database programming with .NET technologies
                  What you should know


                  This course assumes a basic understanding of C# programming concepts and familiarity with .NET application development.

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                  I'm Mosh Hamedani.

                  Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed in your coding journey? Don't worry, I've got your back! Together, we'll work to level up your skills, increase your earning potential, and build a brighter future.


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                  4.7out of 5 based on 3661 reviews

                  I started learning programming w/ Mosh 4 years ago with his C# & .NET courses. Thanks to those I landed my first job. Then, I continued to learn from his materials and made the jump from Jr. to Ssr. and then to Sr. Software Engineer (my salary went 10x from my first job). Now, 4 years later I continue to learn with his excellent courses.

                  Federico Figueredo
                  Federico Figueredo

                  Mosh doesn't fail to leave out important details. You can tell that Mosh has put a lot of thought into creating these courses. His professional and personal experience drives these courses to be thoughtful and outstanding.

                  Enkhjin Batzul

                  The best courses I’ve participated so far. Mosh has a unique teaching ability. His lectures are fun and engaging. The visuals are great. Relatively dificult concepts are explained with simple words. Whenever any one asks for a programming course I recommend Mosh Hamedani, and only him. Other courses I’ve had were at best mediocre.


                  I love how every part of the course is broken down very well that even beginners can understand it and not feel overwhelmed, confused or carried away. Also how the lessons/course is in sections, one can go back to a particular section for review if need be especially when working on the exercises.

                  Gerald Ikenna
                  Gerald Ikenna

                  I found this course to be complete and very clear and easy to follow. Mosh is very good at explaining, it feels like a friend talking to you very naturally, and the course is very entertaining. And it comes at an amazing value! I definitely recommend it!

                  Marco Delbue

                  This is my second course from Mosh and it is great as well, The way he explains little details (how and why's) is very helpful and builds a solid base of understanding the code. Great instructor!

                  Nadia Shahid

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