Learning Paths

Mobile Development

The essential skills every mobile developer must have.

These days there are a large set of tools available for building mobile apps. But these tools fall into two categories: native and cross-platform tools.

With native tools, you can build apps for a specific problem (eg iOS or Android). Each platform has its own programming languages and tools. So to target multiple platforms, you have to learn many tools and write code in different languages.

Alternatively, you can use a cross-platform solution (eg React Native or Flutter) to build apps for multiple platforms using a single codebase.


The Ultimate TypeScript Course

Beginner to Pro . 5h


React Native

Version Control and Collaboration

Version control is like a time machine for software engineers. It allows you to go back in time and see the exact state of your code at any point. This is incredibly important because it means you can easily track changes, fix bugs, and collaborate with others without the fear of losing or messing up your code.

The Ultimate Git Course

Beginner to Pro . 6h