Learning Paths

Front-end Development

The essential skills every front-end developer must have.

Every web or mobile application has two parts: a front-end and a back-end. The front-end is what the user sees and interacts with. It’s the app on your phone or the website you visit. So, front-end developers are in charge of building beautiful, interactive user interfaces.

The average salary for a front-end Developer is $102,768 per year in the United States.

Here are the courses I've created to help you pursue a career as a professional front-end developer. Depending on your knowledge and experience level, you can take all the courses in order or just pick the ones that you need.


Front-end development starts with HTML and CSS. These are the languages behind every web page on the Internet. My HTML/CSS series teaches you everything you need to know from absolute basics to advanced concepts.


HTML and CSS are only used for building static pages. To add functionality to a page, you need to learn JavaScript.

The Ultimate TypeScript Course

Beginner to Pro . 5h

Libraries and Frameworks

Modern applications are complex. That's where front-end tools (libraries/frameworks) come to the rescue, helping us build and ship applications faster. The top 3 tools in this space are React, Angular, and Vue. Out of these, React is the most popular so that's what I recommend you learn first. You can always learn about other tools as needed.

The Ultimate Redux Course

Beginner to Pro . 6h

Automated Testing

Automated testing involves using software tools to automatically test code, ensuring it functions correctly and meets requirements. It's an essential skill for developers, offering career advancement opportunities and increased earning potential.

Version Control and Collaboration

Version control is like a time machine for software engineers. It allows you to go back in time and see the exact state of your code at any point. This is incredibly important because it means you can easily track changes, fix bugs, and collaborate with others without the fear of losing or messing up your code.

The Ultimate Git Course

Beginner to Pro . 6h


These days more and more companies are looking for software engineers who know a bit about DevOps: a set of practices for delivering software. Docker is the core tool used in this space. Knowing it helps you reach higher levels of software engineering.

The Ultimate Docker Course

Beginner to Pro . 5h